Which Type of 13 Cards Rummy Game Would You Choose: Points Rummy or Deals Rummy?

Card players in India enjoy rummy very much. This is a game of skills that is easy to learn and enjoyable to most. The most common variation of rummy played in India is the 13 cards rummy games. Even in this variation, there are many ways to play the game. You may end the game in just one round as in the points rummy game. You may end the game series after a fixed number of deals as in deals rummy. Now, if you have to choose between these two options, know which would you choose. The choice may vary from person to person based on what they expect from the Indian rummy online games. Here we have tried to explain which would be the best choice for you based on your likings and preferences.

You Would Like Points Rummy If:

Points rummy is the 13 cards rummy variation that will end in just one round. The winner is decided at the end of the game and it does not matter how many points everyone else has. It is not a series game.

  • You Enjoy Finishing the Game Soon

If you are among those who seek quick or mini games while playing online real money earning games, you will enjoy points rummy better. This game ends in just one round so you know whether you win or lose instantly.

  • You Get Bored with An Activity Soon

If you often win money playing games but don’t stick to one game for long, points rummy is just the right game for you. This game is quick and there are no chances of you getting bored in the game.

  • You Hate to Keep Track of Points

One of the problems with long rummy sessions is that you need to keep track of your points if you are playing offline. If you are playing online too, you need to have an idea during the game how you are scoring. If you are bad at calculations or hate to keep track of points, points rummy is the game for you online or offline.

  • You Believe in the Present

Some people do not enjoy thinking ahead of the times. If you are one of those who believe in the present, the points rummy game is made just for you. In this variant, you don’t have to think ahead of time or plan your moves. The present game is all that matters.

  • You Play to Win

Unlike others who say the ultimate rummy online play is just a way to pass time, you play to win. So, you need a game that helps you win quickly and what could be better than Points rummy sessions on KhelplayRummy?

You Would Love Deals Rummy If:

Deals rummy is a game type where the winner is decided at the end of fixed number of deals. This could be 2 deals rummy, 3 deals rummy or 6 deals rummy based on the number of players.

  • You Enjoy the Suspense of a Long Game

Deals rummy games end after a decided number of deals. This means that a bad hand won’t really change your fate. If you get a bad hand, you can pass that round and try your luck in the next round. The suspense is intense and completely enjoyable.

  • You Enjoy Planning Your Moves

This is the game that allows you to sit and plan your moves wisely. You can decide how to make your life or how to reduce the points in hand to beat your opponent. You may opt for deals rummy online real cash winning games and earn a few quick bucks using your skills.

  • You Are the Slow and Steady Types

If speed is not meant for you, nor is points rummy. Deals rummy allows you to slowly understand the game and strategize based on the players. This is definitely the game for the slow and steady types.

  • You Play to Learn

If you are trying to find out how to earn money by playing games, go for deals rummy option. It allows you more opportunity to learn the right moves and plan the game wisely.

Every variation in rummy has its pros and cons. Visit KhelplayRummy and opt for 13 card rummy game free download for android. Practice different variations to master the art of rummy playing.